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Airedale Terrier embroidery design on shirts, clothing, denim shirt, polo shirt, sweatshirt
The Airedale Terrier, which is the largest of the terrier dog breeds, was bred in Yorkshire, England, and was used to otters. It is also called the Waterside Terrier, Black and Tan Rough Coated Terrier, Bingley Terrier, or the King of Terriers. Excelling at hunting and field work, Airedales are also great at performance sports, search and rescue, and in the show ring.
These great embroidery designs of Airedale Terriers are available on polo shirts, sweatshirts, henleys, denim shirts, jackets, vests, caps, aprons, and even Christmas stockings.

airedale005 Airedale (small or large design)airedale005 Airedale (small or large design)
design info: small-3.1 x 2.65", (78.7 x 67.3mm)
large-7.13 x 6.1", (181.1 x 155mm)

airedale023 Airedale (small or large design)airedale023 Airedale (small or large design)
design info: small-2.87 x 3.48", (73 x 88.4mm)
large-4.89 x 5.92", (124.2 x 150.4mm)

airedale022 Airedale (small or large design)airedale022 Airedale (small or large design)
design info: small-1.89 x 2.5", (47.9 x 63.5mm)
large-4.72 x 6.25", (119.8 x 158.7mm)

airedale003 Airedale (small or large design)airedale003 Airedale (small or large design)
design info: small-2 x 2.48", (50.9 x 63mm)
large-4.91 x 6.09", (124.7 x 154.8mm)

airedale006 Airedale (small or large design)airedale006 Airedale (small or large design)
design info: small-2.89 x 2.56", (73.5 x 64.9mm)
large-6.78 x 6", (172.2 x 152.4mm)

airedale018 Airedale (small or large design)airedale018 Airedale (small or large design)
design info: small-1.93 x 2.44", (49 x 62mm)
large-4.83 x 6.1", (122.8 x 155mm)

airedale024 Airedale (small or large design)airedale024 Airedale (small or large design)
design info: small-2.61 x 2.49", (66.2 x 63.2mm)
large-6.4 x 6.11", (162.6 x 155.2mm)

airedale009 Airedale (small or large design)airedale009 Airedale (small or large design)
design info: small-3.05 x 3.84", (77.5 x 97.6mm)
large-4.8 x 6.11", (121.8 x 155.2mm)

airedale002 Airedale (small or large design)airedale002 Airedale (small or large design)
design info: small-3.05 x 2.29", (77.4 x 58.2mm)
large-8.11 x 6.09", (206 x 154.8mm)

airedale008 Airedale (small or large design)airedale008 Airedale (small or large design)
design info: small-3.22 x 2.69", (81.8 x 68.4mm)
large-7.19 x 6", (182.6 x 152.4mm)

airedale007 Airedale (small or large design)airedale007 Airedale (small or large design)
design info: small-2.67 x 2.65", (67.8 x 67.4mm)
large-5.34 x 5.31", (135.7 x 135mm)

airedale004 Airedale (small or large design)airedale004 Airedale (small or large design)
design info: small-3.86 x 3.69", (98 x 93.8mm)
large-6.11 x 5.86", (155.2 x 148.8mm)

airedale017 Airedale (small or large design)airedale017 Airedale (small or large design)
design info: small-2.3 x 2.46", (58.5 x 62.5mm)
large-5.71 x 6.09", (145 x 154.7mm)

airedale020 Airedale (small or large design)airedale020 Airedale (small or large design)
design info: small-2.34 x 2.44", (59.4 x 62.1mm)
large-7.5 x 7.84", (190.4 x 199.1mm)

airedale001 Airedale (small or large design)airedale001 Airedale (small or large design)
design info: small-2.51 x 2.35", (63.8 x 59.8mm)
large-6.53 x 6.13", (165.8 x 155.6mm)

airedale010 Airedale (small or large design)airedale010 Airedale (small or large design)
design info: small-2.68 x 2.51", (68 x 63.8mm)
large-6.54 x 6.12", (166 x 155.4mm)

airedale013 Airedale (small or large design)airedale013 Airedale (small or large design)
design info: small-3.02 x 2.54", (76.6 x 64.4mm)
large-5.99 x 5.08", (152.2 x 129mm)

airedale1wreath Airedale (small or large design)airedale1wreath Airedale (small or large design)
design info: small-4.63 x 4.26", (117.6 x 108.2mm)
large-6.66 x 6.13", (169.2 x 155.8mm)

airedale2wreath Airedale (small or large design)airedale2wreath Airedale (small or large design)
design info: small-4.63 x 4.26", (117.6 x 108.2mm)
large-6.66 x 6.13", (169.2 x 155.8mm)


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Airedale Terrier