Bernese Mountain Dog

Also known as the Berner Sennenhund, Bouvier Bernois or Bovaro Bernese, the Bernese Mountain Dog can be recognized by its distinctive tri-color pattern, with a "Swiss Cross" on his chest. Though well-behaved in the house; Berners are outdoor dogs at heart. Affectionate, loyal, faithful, stable, loving and intelligent , Bernese Mountain Dogs make wonderful family pets. If the owner is patient and kind they are easy to train. Berners do not respond well to harsh treatment. Their calm temperament makes them great for giving children rides in a cart, with training, of course. Check with your local Bernese Mountain Dog Club for details on carting and drafting workshops.
These Bernese Mountain Dog embroidery designs are available on sweatshirts, polo shirts, denim shirts, denim jackets, tote bags, portfolio bags and even Christmas stockings.
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