Question: Ok, I see the designs, but do you sew it out on clothing? I don't see any clothes.
Answer: Click on the design and the clothing page will load.

Question: Why doesn't the design show up in the shopping cart? It's only the shirt (chair, bag, etc) How do I know I'm getting a design on it?
Answer: The design name should appear in the drop down box. It should be the only opton available. The clothing under each design is uniquely coded to that design so when you order an item we see the design, but you only see the clothing youíve chosen. If youíre nervous about it not being the correct design you can write the design name and number in the comments section.

Question: I'm an embroiderer too. Can I buy just the design file? Where's the format listed?
Answer: We don't sell the design files. There's no format listed because they aren't for sale.

Question: How do I get you to put more than one design on something?
Answer: First add the design/clothing item to the shopping cart. (Hint: If you want both a large and small design add the SMALL-LEFT CHEST DESIGN item to the shopping cart FIRST-itís cheaper.) Then go to the section Add A Design Or Name and put the other design or name in the basket. If youíre not sure about this just email us and we can either send you links or just take your order and invoice you via Paypal or take your credit card info.

Why is it so hard to get you by phone?
Answer: First, we prefer email because then we have something written to refer back to. Second, Iím hard of hearing so I need something written to refer to, to make sure Iíve got it right. And third, the cell phone doesnít always come in clearly and drops calls. If you really need to talk to us, itís still best to email and tell us, and then weíll call you back. The new phone number is 715 548 0920.

Question: Can I have the designs on my own clothes? How much would that cost?
Answer: Sure. If it's something that can be replaced in the odd chance that the machine eats it. The cost is $1/1000 stitches (round down to the nearest $1) There's a minimum charge of $15.

Question: I have a great picture of my dog that I'd like digitized. Can you do that? How much would it cost?
Answer: Send us the picture and we'll see if we can do it. It must be a picture you took or something that you have license to. If you didn't take it and bought it from someone, you must have a document that specifically states you have license to it and can have us make a digitized embroidery design from it.
If we can use it as a stock design, (which means we offer it to everyone on the website) and it's a breed we don't have tons of designs of, we may be able to digitize it free. Then we offer it on the website and you can just order here. If you want an exclusive design (no one else but you can have it) there is a digitization service fee depending on the complexity of the design. We do not digitize from mid November through the end of the year because we are too busy.

Question: What's digitization? Can't you just use a .jpg and have your machine read that?
Answer: Oh, I so wish we could! An embroidery design is an intricate pattern of stitches that together make up a design. It's basically a computer program that the embroidery machine translates into movements that direct what colors, direction, density and length the thread is to go. Each thread is placed. It's pretty complicated. Then each brand of embroidery machine takes its own file type.

Question: Can you do other designs besides the dog ones? I love frogs. Can you do them?
Answer: Sure. We have literally about 100,000 designs. We only put the dog designs on the site because we're dog people. Just email us and say what you want. We have almost anything you can imagine, and some things you never would!

Question: I don't see the t shirts and polo shirts that fit dogs on your website anymore? What happened?
Answer: We still have them. You can get them plain or embroidered with your pet's name or any saying you want. You can now find them in the Clothing Specs page.
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