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<font color=green>Our Friends at Rainbow Bridge</font color> - Click to enlargeHere are photos and stories of some of our friends that have passed on to the Rainbow Bridge. If you would like your friend added please send us a picture via email. You don't have to have bought a Rainbow Bridge item, or even anything from us. Please entitle your email "Rainbow Bridge" and we will try to get it through our spam filter. :-)
Please tell us exactly what you want it to say. You can change the pic and text from time to time if you want to, as well.

Raji was my best friend and there’s nothing we wouldn’t do for each other. He went up against sheep that I know he was scared of and did it without hesitation, just because I asked him to. He loved working so much we used to joke that if he could run sheep through a tunnel underwater he’d have the best time.
(Click image to read more)

1993(?)- 4/4/2008.
She was at least 15 years old, and spent 14 of them with me. Dax was the BC/handsome stranger mix that started my life in agility and dog sports. As an active and SMART dog, she needed a job. I remember how, when we were first starting agility she was petrified. We had to move one leg at a time on the dogwalk. Then, in an unrelated accident around the house, she hurt her leg a little and we took a couple of weeks off from agility. Apparently thought about it for a while and when we came back to agility she did it like she'd been doing it her whole life.
She kept me and the other dogs in line. She was a great, great dog.
I will always remember you and miss you, little girl.

2000(?)-June 8, 2007.
Toffee was a Border Collie that I adopted after fostering her. She came to me with a broken hip, and every rib showing. She was a handfull and a half and resulted in my many visits to different dog aggression seminars, dog behaviorists (Dog's Best Friend Training), Chinese medicine vets, and other training. She was a sweet and lovable dog to me, a terror to other dogs, but always unique and a beloved family member.

Sweet and talkative, Spikey was a great, friendly kitty. We'll miss you, little guy.

Danny <br>1/6/96 - 11/2/09Danny
1/6/96 - 11/2/09

1/6/96 - 11/2/09

He took me places I'd never been before, he taught me the true meaning of teamwork.
He was my partner, my best friend, he saw me through some rough times and was the best listener I ever knew.
-Patti Jo

LUCY: 09-30-00 to 09-24-10

It is with a great sadness and a very heavy heart that I let Lucy go on Friday, September 24th. Just 6 days shy of her 10th birthday. (Click Image To Read More)

Sally SueSally Sue
Sally Sue came to our family as a starving puppy, and captured us with her intelligence and sillyness from day 1. She lived 16 years with us, and even survived a skin cancer scare for 4 years. She finally died of old age, not of cancer. Sally was an important part of our family, a loving and loyal friend to each of us...growing up with 2 human siblings. I always thought of her as my 3rd child. She will be forever remembered, loved and missed. Sally Sue 1995-2011


Billy <br>4/13/98 – 5/30/11Billy
4/13/98 – 5/30/11

He was my puppy all the time, seems like he never grew up. At night he would lay on the couch, me on the recliner, and watch tv with me, occasionally slapping his front paw on the cushion to let me know it was time to go over and pet him. The picture of him coming into a room with one ear up, eyes on me, coming at full speed, is still clear in my mind. He knew he had me wrapped around his paw, totally, so sometimes late at night he would stand in the dining room and bark, he wanted a cookie! Now! And, of course, he got one. I will never forget the fun we had on the agility course, his speed and distance were incredible, I learned so much from him.
Patti Jo

Boo Boo (Curly) <br>Spring 1990 - Dec 9th, 2011Boo Boo (Curly)
Spring 1990 - Dec 9th, 2011

Curly (aka BooBoo), went to the rainbow bridge on 12/09/11. He was 21.5 years old, yep, that’s not a typo. He was a Shih Tsu/Papillon mix. He was originally my mother-in-law’s dog, (Click image to read more.)

Sadie was born Sept. 18, 1995 in Pennsylvania. She lived her life in Williamstown NJ. I had to put her down on March 25, 2007. Sadie was a golden retriever. She was very loyal and was always willing to please me. She may be gone but, she will always hold a special piece of my heart.

Gordon 11/2/99 to 10/11/10. This is the love of my life and my best friend. He was always by my side and saw me through good times and bad times. He was the best dog one could ask for, a great big lover. He loved people and showed a lot of affection. I will forever miss him, there is a hole in my heart.
I love you Gordon, peace be with you.
Your human, Pat.

September 19 2000-September 16 2009
Here is a picture of Vigil on top of an M1 Tank, when I was still in the Army.

You will never be forgotten.



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