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Click here to see FONT examples (also at bottom of this page)

Choose what font you want when you personalize your design.
You can have your name, your dog's name, your dog's breed, the date of your latest title, or whatever you want.
The size of the font will be adjusted to go with the size of the design.
Small designs usually use 1/2 inch, larger designs 3/4 to 1 inch.

Please type the personalization EXACTLY as you would like it.
If you want all capitals, please type it in all capitals.

Return Policy:
Because everything is custom made, all clothing items are not returnable.
If you’ve ordered a toy or other non-wearable we will refund in full within 30 days of your receipt, provided it’s in resellable condition.
Click on the button "Clothing Specs"
to check the size before you order.

We're not responsible if we've made a typo in the design dimensions or something like that.
We do all this website stuff ourselves, and do the best we can, but sometimes type in our sleep.
If you've got dogs or kids you probably know what we mean.  

We custom make every item for you after you order it. Things are not "off the shelf."
Usual time to ship is about 2 weeks, but please allow up to 6 weeks for delivery.
The last day to order items for Christmas delivery is December 10th.
Any orders made in December that don’t need to be delivered before Christmas will receive a little “free gift” if you let us know .
Also anytime you need something by a certain date, just let us know. We will do our best to honor that.

While the pictures shown in this site represent an approximation of what the finished product will look like,
due to differences in monitors, the color may vary

Also, some of our dog designs, especially, but not limited to, black dogs, will include a different color (on black dogs it is usually gray or navy blue) to highlight the fur texture. This will resemble a dog that is in bright sunlight.

We can, many times, alter the coloring of the dog in the design to more closely match that of your dog. If you would like to see if we can do that, email us with the design number and say what you'd like.

Click on the image and it will get bigger so you can actually see it!

Click on the image and it get bigger so you can actually see it.

BONES-Available again but not listed on every itemBONES-Available again but not listed on every item


All orders that are sent via USPS are sent with Delivery Confirmation and you will be notified by email when it's sent.
You don't have to sign for it, but there's a tracking number that you can check!

Ways To Pay at Our Store

SanBar Designs

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Please feel free to contact us if you need some information, have a suggestion, would like us to add a dog breed, design, particular item of clothing or just want to say hello.
If we've missed putting in the dimensions, or we've mislabeled a design
we'd really appreciate it if you'd tell us.
Click on the design image and you'll get more info about it. Click on it again and you'll usually get a bigger image.

SANdy and BARb
How to contact us: email us. Kindly tell us your name, what you'd like, including lettering and what color font.
When you e-mail us please set your spam folder so our reply can get through to you.

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Software-rendered images of designs and licensing to the designs used on this site were purchased from the following: Dakota Collectibles, Embroidery Library, Inc, Balboa Threadworks, Dusan Balarad, Ahead Graphics, Bates Design, Terri Hanson of Terradon Embroidery, BFC-Creations, and SanBar Designs. Some designs are based upon clipart by Argostar and Clipartopolis. By law we can not sell the computerized design files of others. We don't sell our own files either. Please, don't even ask!
copyright SanBar Designs, 2006-2017.

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